Pre-made boxes

Pre-Made & Custom Boxes
Choose from our huge selection of pre-made candy boxes or create your own with all your favourite treats.


Large Variety of Sweets
Alongside everyone’s favourites we have a large selection of unique and American candies.


2-3 working day delivery
2-3 working day delivery is available throughout Rep. of Ireland and N.I.

Gift Hampers for Every Holiday

Got a holiday coming up, and what to make it that little bit extra special? Why not take advantage of our massive selection of pre-made candy boxes. Our boxes make the perfect gift hamper for the sweet lover in your life. Our vast and ever-evolving range of sweets contains American Sweets unique to Europe, savoury options like crisp gift hampers and some all dairy milk collections for the chocoholic in your life.

At The Candy Box HQ, our team put their heads together and selected just the right gift hamper sweet box for different occasions throughout the year.


Valentine Day Gift Hamper

Considered one of the more difficult gift buying days, Valentine's Day is a quandary for everyone, from the new couple to the old married pair. Also, Valentine's Day has evolved past its day-for-couples traditions. In the 21st Century, Valentine's day celebrates all types of love, not just romantic love. With Valentine's Day's diversity and evolving perception in mind, our team suggest the Cadbury Supreme Box.
This chocolate focused gift box celebrates Valentine's Day traditions – by gifting chocolate – while recognising the evolving nature of this special day.


St Patrick’s Day Gift Hamper

A day that recognises and celebrates Ireland's global contributions. Celebrated with parades from New York to Dublin, St Patrick's Day has also witnessed a shift in the past few decades. Where once it was a religious event, St Patrick's Day is now very much a celebration of Irishness in its many forms.
Choosing a Candy Box to celebrate this occasion provoked intense debate at the Candy Box HQ. While our Tayto Crisp Box was a frontrunner, it did get peaked at the post by our Tri-Colour Candy Box.
The Tri-Colour Candy Box is built around the colours of the Irish flag; this box also boasts a hugely diverse selection of sweets and candies. Therefore, this box was the closest to representing what it means to be Irish in the 21st century.


Easter Gift Hamper

Is it a controversial opinion to state that Easter egg chocolate is terrible? No, of course, it isn't. Everybody knows Easter egg chocolate is usually bitter and unpalatable. People rip open their Easter egg boxes to get to the bars, not the tin foil tasting egg chocolate. So we've selected our Ultimate Cadbury Box as the Gift hamper of choice for Easter.
This Gift Hamper cuts out the middle man and gives everyone what they want on Easter; delicious bars made from Cadbury's signature chocolate bars.


Mother’s Day Gift Hamper

The one day of the year, we celebrate those that do the most demanding and most important job. Yes, on Mother's Day, we get to show the mammies how much we appreciate them. So we want a gift hamper that gives mothers an excuse to put their feet up and relax. Therefore at The Candy Box HQ, we selected one of our most indulgent gift boxes. For Mother's Day, we're recommending the Galaxy Chocolate Box. Stuffed with luxuriously smooth galaxy chocolate bars, this is the candy box that every mammy deserves.


Father’s Day Gift Hamper

Surprisingly, this inauspicious celebration of fatherhood caused some fierce debate amongst our team. In honour of corny Dad jokes, we had people arguing in favour of our Jelly Extreme box. For match day meet-ups, we had others campaigning for the Sharetastic box. However, few could argue with our final Father's day pick. We're going with the McCoy Madness Gift Hamper for the big man in all our lives. This selection contains delicious ridged crisps in a myriad of flavours.


Christmas Day Gift Hamper

We'll end with the most gift-giving of all the holidays, and let's face it, probably the most stressful. Luckily the Candy Box can help take the stress out of the season by recommending just the right gift hamper. While we can't guarantee a white Christmas, we can make it rain white chocolate. So this yuletide season, we are recommending our White Chocolate Box. Filled with a combination of Milky Way bars and Kinder chocolate, this hamper is perfect for sharing or scoffing with the family while watching It’s a Wonderful Life.

What do you think of our team's Gift Hamper selections? Do you have your own ideas for the right gift hamper for the different holidays? Let us know in the comments, or go ahead and make your very own holiday-inspired candy box gift hamper. We offer fast delivery in Ireland and all over Europe.


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