Treat Boxes

Whether you have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying or want to deliver a thoughtful gift straight to a loved ones’ door, we can help. The Candy Box is one of Ireland’s leading treat box and sweet box delivery services, offering a fantastic selection of traditional Irish sweets as well as international candy for delivery nationwide as well as across Europe.
Boasting exceptional customer service as well as a passion for providing an eclectic selection of sweet treats to suit all taste buds, we ensure flexibility, versatility, and professionalism in all that we do.
From one-off custom orders to pre-made subscription boxes, why not browse online and order your next treat box today?

Offering an Extensive Range of Delicious Treat Boxes, Including:

  • Pre-Made Treat Boxes

  • Custom-Made Treat Boxes

  • Irish Traditional Sweet Boxes

  • International Candy Boxes

  • American Candy Boxes

  • Sweet Box Subscription Services

  • Corporate Sweet Boxes

  • Gift Boxes

For more information on The Candy Box’s products, feel free to get in touch.

Treat Boxes FAQ

  • I need a sweet box delivery service near me- what’s your catchment area?

    The Candy Box is an Irish sweet delivery service. We offer delivery across all of Ireland as well as The UK and Europe.

  • Do you provide corporate treat boxes?

    Yes, absolutely. We offer a range of pre-made and custom-made corporate treats suitable for companies of all sizes.

  • Do you sell any cheap sweets?

    Yes, our candy boxes are some of the cheapest on the market, with many of our pre-made and custom treat boxes available for less than €20.