Pre-Made & Custom Boxes

Pre-Made & Custom Boxes
Choose from our huge selection of pre-made candy boxes or create your own with all your favourite treats.

Large Variety of Sweets
Large Variety of Sweets
Alongside everyone’s favourites we have a large selection of unique and American candies.
Next Day Delivery
2-3 working day delivery
2-3 working day delivery is available throughout Rep. of Ireland and N.I.

Corporate Gift Boxes

The Candy Box Offers Countless Corporate Gift Box Options With Treats To Suit Workers In All Industries.

Corporate Gift Boxes

Ensuring that your employees are kept happy at work is vital for overall job satisfaction and productivity. As well as this, it’s always nice to recognise your team for the work they do and say thanks.

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting way to show your employees you appreciate them, why not choose a Corporate gift box from The Candy Box?

With a massive selection of Irish sweets, International Candy, and unique products, The Candy Box provides a range of pre-made and custom-made corporate treat boxes suitable for all tastes. From wholesale employee Christmas hampers to once-off birthday treats and traditional Irish sweet boxes to send to colleagues overseas, we offer a wide variety of products and flexible delivery options to suit you. Choose from one-off or subscription delivery services to suit your schedule, ensuring that you and your team are never left without a sweet pick-me-up when you need it most.

Order your team’s favourite Corporate Treats today from our online store.

Offering a Wide Range of Corporate Treats & Corporate Hampers, Including:

  • Pre-Made Corporate Treat Boxes
  • Custom-Made Corporate Treat Boxes
  • Corporate Irish Sweet Boxes
  • Corporate International Candy Boxes
  • Corporate American Candy Boxes
  • Corporate Sweet Box Subscription Service
  • Corporate Hampers
  • Unique Product Corporate Hampers
  • Corporate Gift Cards
  • Luxurious & Cheap Gift Hampers

Corporate Gift Boxes FAQ

Yes, absolutely. If you need to place an order for your employees and want these orders delivered to different addresses, we are happy to help. We deliver all over Ireland and The UK.

Yes. We offer bespoke corporate hampers and treat boxes to suit you and your team.

Perhaps we’re biased, but a corporate treat box is a unique, delicious, and cost-effective gift hamper that your employees are sure to love, no matter what industry or team they work in.