Pre-Made & Custom Boxes

Pre-Made & Custom Boxes
Choose from our huge selection of pre-made candy boxes or create your own with all your favourite treats.

Large Variety of Sweets
Large Variety of Sweets
Alongside everyone’s favourites we have a large selection of unique and American candies.
Next Day Delivery
2-3 working day delivery
2-3 working day delivery is available throughout Rep. of Ireland and N.I.

Our Diverse Range of Chocolate Boxes

Some of our most popular treat boxes are our carefully curated chocolate boxes. What makes our treat boxes unique is the vast selection of available chocolate. Our treats combine famous Irish and European chocolate with well-known chocolate brands from across the pond. In this blog, we want to explore the various chocolate boxes that we can ship to clients across Ireland and Europe.

Our Cadbury Supreme Box

Easily one of our most popular chocolate boxes is our Cadbury Supreme box. This box continues to be a bestseller in Ireland, but internationally, the Cadbury brand is gaining more and more traction. Therefore, this chocolate box represents two very different things.

The box is like a trip down memory lane for Irish customers, as it’s jammed packed with childhood favourites, including Freddos, jaw-tiring Chomp bars and thick Double Deckers.

For some of our European customers, this box is an introduction to Irish and British chocolate bar staples. Therefore this chocolate box is excellent for anyone who loves chocolate and wants to experiment with new flavours.

Chocolate Orange Box

In some ways, chocolate orange is the Marmite of the chocolate family. People either love it or hate it. Our chocolate orange box is very much for the lovers of the world. This hamper is bursting at the seams with traditional favourites like the Terry’s Chocolate orange bar. Along with some strange and exciting combinations like the KitKat Orange. The orange chocolate box is a perfect gift for anyone interested in indulging their love of chocolate orange while experimenting with some new products.

Kinder Deluxe Box

Those who like their chocolate light and smooth while still brimming with flavour should look to our Kinder Deluxe chocolate box. We have carefully chosen some of the best Kinder products, including the irresistible Kinder happy hippo, dark and white chocolate Buenos and the iconic Kinder Surprise eggs. We can’t guarantee a decent toy. But we can promise you a delicious chocolate experience.

The above are just some of our chocolate boxes. For more, browse our premade packages or create your box from our massive selection of available chocolate products.

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