Pre-Made & Custom Boxes

Pre-Made & Custom Boxes
Choose from our huge selection of pre-made candy boxes or create your own with all your favourite treats.

Large Variety of Sweets
Large Variety of Sweets
Alongside everyone’s favourites we have a large selection of unique and American candies.
Next Day Delivery
2-3 working day delivery
2-3 working day delivery is available throughout Rep. of Ireland and N.I.

Our Kids Candy Box has been Carefully Created for Little nippers to enjoy. We have packed it full of kids favourites that will sure put a smile on there face.

Contents of Box

  • Fruit Shoot Blackcurrant
  • Fruit Shoot Orange
  • Happy Hippo Chocolate
  • Happy Hippo Hazelnut
  • Fun Dip
  • Starbursts
  • Kinder Bueno
  • Kinder Chocolate Medium
  • Cadbury Freddo
  • Cadbury Caramel Freddo
  • Cadbury Little Bar
  • Milky Bar Small
  • Milky Bar Medium
  • Cadbury Giant Chocolate Buttons
  • Cadbury Chocolate Buttons
  • Milkyway Bar
  • Rowntrees Randoms
  • Rowntrees Jellytots
  • Tayto Snax
  • Tayto Skips
  • Tayto Chickatees

Some products may contain nuts

For nutritional information see back of packaging

Note: Some individual items may differ from box contents due to shortages that are out of our control, similar products will be provided.

Kids Candy Box


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